Projects 7



Jason sent us this example for a data logger --> to Excell  with ESP32forth.

First off, I needed to grab ADC values, and as is customary for me, I like to average them out a little. After some tinkering, I settled on this bit of code:

: DECADC 10 0 DO 34 adc LOOP 9 0 DO + LOOP 10 / . ;

The LDR is connected to pin 34, thus, "34 adc" to read the analog value from pin 34.

Then I cooked up a delay loop:

: delay 0 DO LOOP ;

Finally, I stuck it together in a little loop that allows me to write out values so I can import it as CSV into Excel, which helps me model the data and figure out what I want to do with it:

: SLOADC CR 0 DO DECADC CR 250000 delay LOOP ;

which I can then run thus: 100 SLOADC

which in turn gives me the data in the images you see.



Jason sent us this example how ESP32forth runs on his M5stack.

The M5Stack platform would make a perfect portable, self-powered ESP32forth platform. However, to make use of all its features, ESP32forth needs some customisation. 

When used with the M5Stack Faces QWERTY keyboard combination, it promises the possibility of true mobility with ESP32forth. 


[LCD DRIVER 8bit parallel project 72]

LCD DRIVER by Tony Leff.


Download link



Ralph Lundval  , sent us a new music piece played on the  ESP32forth.  


Download link

[vaclav poselt pwm explained for ESP32 


From Vaclav Poselt  :  "For my application I needed PWM – pulse width modulation for aquarium LED lights. ESP32 offer rich hardware solution for this. Explanation in ESP32Forth glossary was for my beginners interest not enough, so I did some experiments with help of oscilloscope to enlight situation. I created short explanation in attached pdf, corrections are wellcome."  

Download link



From Vaclav Poselt  :  "ESP32Forth and SPIFFS system usage.

Note - next info based on use of version

As beginner I learn to work with SPIFFS to be able to make my programs permanent, because normally ESP32Forth stores programs (new words) in RAM memory. SPIFFS is in permanent memory.

 I created short explanation in attached pdf, corrections are welcome."  

Download link

[vaclav poselt ESP32 web page server with gui  #76]

From Vaclav Poselt  :  "Web server runs on ESP32 board with activated WiFi connection and responds to client (browser on PC, mobile etc.) requests. So basic web interface is simple: 

 I created short explanation in attached pdf, corrections are welcome."  

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